The Setup: Travelogue France Preflight

3 May 2017

A little over a year ago, I was toying around with reward flights from SFO to CDG. There is a direct flight into Paris, but there are very few reward tickets available on this route, so you have to book early. 330 days early; the maximum allowed. Continue reading The Setup: Travelogue France Preflight

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Jim Katoff – Eulogy

James Albert Katoff was born on July 2, 1950 in Hollis, Queens to Janice and Roy.  After moving to Valley Stream in ’53, ‘Little Jimmy,’ grew up watching the Lone Ranger and reading Hardy Boys novels.  A shy boy, he got good grades, made his parents proud and had a knack for making people laugh.  He was in … Continue reading Jim Katoff – Eulogy

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Rolling on the River

Here is something I know for a fact: my father in law is tougher than yours.  I remember feeling distinctly afraid when I first met him…  Rightfully so, legends prevail of man so fearless that he once chased a bear up a tree.  Over the years I’ve discovered a gentle soul more interested in observing animals … Continue reading Rolling on the River

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