Shabbat Shalom

2 thoughts on “Shabbat Shalom”

  1. you poor little boy wants his own bed. awww. another good installment. I am taking painkillers like they are going out style to corral it and look forward to radiation starting tomorrow that will definitely take it all away.

    Glad you are having soo much fun despite the bite, the feet, the sleep and I am sure your stomach is not doing well either. You are a tough SOB. Walking up Masada does not sound like a fun deal to me. Enjoy your last day.


  2. I have really loved reading your travels!! I am curious how you do it..what program you use to embed the pics, ect. I have loved reading all the adventures you two have been on! I find them entertaining, funny and heartwarming!! Perhaps an author is what you should be!! Xoxo mel

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