Dear Abbey

3 thoughts on “Dear Abbey”

  1. Chad and jamie,
    I love reading your posts each day. I am sure everyone on the list has read every word. I am glad your hair style won’t change. Tel Aviv will be wonderful. It is a little bit like South Beach in FLA. It sounds like your trip has been this incredible series of adventures. Each day you wake up and something new is in front of you. It is how life should be.

    All our love!!
    The Kreinik’s

  2. Dear Jamie and Chad,
    3 visits to the Kotel sounds awesome! I especially like the Rabbi praying for your many children. I’ll pray too!
    Love, Mom and Michael

  3. Hey chAd,
    I really have enjoyed reading all of your stories and im so glad you’re doing this because I get to hear about the trip while its happening and still with you, before you have a chance to forget certain details. I just had to tell you two things; you’re really, really good at writing, you’re just natural at and the other thing is….I was rating this story and meant to give it 5 stars but one of my fingers hit the first star first-you know how touchy these touch phone are. So anyways, I didn’t want you stressing that someone out there didn’t like that story-it was great! Definitely another 5 starer for Mr.Chad Katoff! Give my love to my sissy. Talk to ya later.Love, Sara

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