And on the Other Side of Town…

3 thoughts on “And on the Other Side of Town…”

  1. Chad and jamie,
    Everythings sounds amazing. It is bringing back memories of our trip in Aug. Looking at your pics and reading your comments I wish I was there again. It was truly the best trip we have ever taken. When you go to Tel Aviv you must go to the palmach museum. It is a must. I will be disappointed if you don’t. Keep the e-mails coming.

    All our love!

    The Kreiniks.

  2. nice episode. you know of course that it was your great grandfather with the religion and your grandfather with the fixer. it is so cool that eddy k is following this blog and that he skied with george.

    keep it coming as everyone loves it.


  3. Yes, Eddie is amazing. I am so grateful for all of his encouragement in many aspects of my life, as I am to you as well. I am glad that everyone is enjoying my trip and writing as much as I am.

    Jamie jokes that she likes going to sleep to the sound of my keyboard clicking away.

    I know it was my grandfather with the fixer and great grandfather with ‘the religion.’

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