The Wall: A Deep and Moving Experience

8 thoughts on “The Wall: A Deep and Moving Experience”

  1. Chad and Jamie,
    What an amazing range of emotions. The old city leaves you with a very special feeling. Not so much religously, but the feeling of zionisim. A connection to the state of Israel. We have been chased from the very spot you were standing today for 1000’s of years. And today you can stand there in a free place, with out the persacution. The state of Israel is less than 65 years old. I am so glad that you are there experincing this. Reading your comments is moving. Enjoy every minute.

    All my love,
    Eddie Kreinik

  2. I love reading your comments and hearing about your journeys!! Keep’s wonderful to read! Much love to Jamie!

  3. Dear Chad & Jamie, I couldn’t wait until I came home from work. I went right to the computer to see if you had blogged (is that the correct word?) I knew you would fall in love with Israel. It is an amazing tiny country!I thoroughly enjoy reading where you guys have toured. Have a great time. Enjoy, enjoy! Can’t wait to read where you are going tomorrow. Love, Gale

  4. Dear Jamie & Chad,
    I was so moved reading your blog and seeing the pictures of The Wall that I felt I was right there with you. There were shivers going through my body when I saw the pictures. You make me want to visit Israel myself. Thank you for sharing and keep on blogging.
    Love always,
    Mom & Michael
    P.S. Can’t wait to see you Saturday.

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