Textiquette and Vacation Planning

7 thoughts on “Textiquette and Vacation Planning”

  1. Love the way you write. You have a gift for storytelling. Anxious to follow you and Jamie through the Promised Land even if only in words.

    1. Jim,
      Hope you are well. Best regards from George Coleman who I skiied with in Vail last month. He sends his best. I am glad Chad is making the big trip. I look forwad to keeping upn all details. Please keep me in the loop.

      Eddie Kreinik
      Adspace Ink
      212-244-4350 ext 12

      1. Dear Ed,
        Ok how do you know George?? I think Chad is going to see a tremendous following on this blog. Good to hear from you.


  2. Try Costa Rica in September – the wife and I did it on 9/16/01 (yes, 5 days after 9/11 (booked months in advance!) – most Americans had cancelled their trips, so it was EMPTY). Their rainy seasons isn’t really rainy – just brief heavy showers, but it makes it not too busy that time of year. Surfing in 70 degree water is just fine, and drinking a cold beer in a tin shack on the beach is good pretty much any time, any place, even when a 5-minute rain shower makes the roof rattle so loudly you can’t hear yourself think.

    Jamie will love you for it. You might even see a volcano erupt, like we did.

  3. Hi Chad… Looking forward to visiting Israel with you and Jamie. Bye the way, your writing skills came from our family! I wish my typing skills were as good as yours.
    Luv U Both!

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